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r0ane [userpic]

Club Deviate Manila @ Jaipur

January 23rd, 2007 (11:34 am)

January 13th 2007: Club Deviate Manila @ Jaipur
This is now becoming a yearly event when the Deviate people come down here from Cali to party! It's been a long time since i've partied with the Daygo boys! I think it was back in October when i last saw them (Club Deviate @ Aubergine's, SD). Anyway, i brought zeay, ems, mela, alec & gino to the event.. VIP & free drinks!!! what could be better than that? Lisa and I were already drinking grey goose & alize from the bottle, ems & gino drank whatever was on the table, and she even stole a fucking glass of vodka from jaipur hahahaha jologs!!!!  Damn, I still crack up whenever i think about what happened that night... We partied the whole night  till 6am and then ate steak at Filling station afterwards! I was gonna go home earlier with ems but these guys won't let me go home... so there...  Collier took me home at around 8am by CAB.. haha.. I was so worried he wouldn't make it back to the shang.. but it's ok, he's a big dude! no one would dare mess with him (oh except for the 8 yr old little girl who stole his wallet at the pyrolympics haha). 
Too bad my playmate missed this event.. She would've loved to see her playmate & her boys'  drinking.. and She probably would've been drunk too.

DV8, and Steak Productions: The last ones standing.. wait, is his hand on her left boob?? hahaha!

r0ane [userpic]


December 21st, 2006 (11:54 am)
current location: bulwakang wideout
current song: wishful thinking

I'd like to thank God, my family, my friends, and most especially my FANS for the 23 years of support.. I HEART you all!

r0ane [userpic]


November 19th, 2006 (05:16 pm)

current location: THE OFFICE! hahaha
current mood: sleepy at work
current song: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol


sooooo... it's been a month since i got home... suddenly the bum is no longer a bum!! according to jeprox i'm now a "corporate chica" haha! yess this is my second week at work! woot woot! finally, after a year, my brain is in working mode! pluuussss.. guess who's driving now??? MEEE! hahaha! it's all coming together.. at least i can say that i'm finally able to start on something... =) now that i'm earning i can start saving for my future... orrrr not!! hahaha.. i think most of my money will be spent on SHOPPING and food! especially next month we'll be transferring to a new office right in front of greenbelt.. GB = GASTOS!!! i promise to try my best to close my eyes when temptation comes.. i really wanna save up for a back-packing trip in europe or asia!! =)

r0ane [userpic]

(no subject)

October 10th, 2006 (11:56 pm)

current mood: mellow
current song: money maker

weekend was good.. it helped me get over my 2 weeks of depression.. i think its coz i've been alone in the house for too long that im thinking about things i shouldn't even think about.. haha.. anyway, i went shopping with ai saturday afternoon.. we each got tops to wear that night... FOREVER21 forever! =D then we felt like eating ice cream afterwards so we stopped by baskin robbins before going home to get ready to play.. her cousin hosted this event at point loma and some of our friends were there too.. it was a crazy nite with lots of crazy people.. i dunno how much i drank but i definitely got buzzed all those shots! the best part was our tab was like $75 and the bartender cut it off to $25!!! holler! haha! one of the perks of being a girl.. well, hopefully it's not the last time i get to hangout with my playmate coz i really wanna see her  on/before next thursday.. she said she can't come down this weekend.. =( im gonna be sad if she doesn't show her ass up before i leave! i'm gonna miss her for sure.. her mom was really sweet though.. she gave me a gold necklace with a heart pendant...  twas beautiful and it was really nice of her!! im tatsed auntie!! i'll never forget you guys ever!!

DERI, ME, AND AI (i heart you bitch.. playmates forever!)

 1st weekend back in SD.. another one of those nites that make us laugh our asses off in the morning..

r0ane [userpic]

of all the things that could happen on a WEEKEND!

October 2nd, 2006 (01:02 am)

current mood: frustrated
current song: Save Tonight

Yeeeyz.. that's what happened to my ENTIRE BODY after eating an EGG last friday... i've been eating eggs my whole life and i can't understand why all of a sudden i'm allergic to it!!  aaand... it just had to happen on a WEEKEND... the ONLY time i get to go out..  i looked awful.. it's like i had the map of the world wrapped around my body tons of times! the picture of my hand actually shows nothing as compared to the ones i had on my upperbody and legs! imagine that... on second thought, don't even try coz it's just NASTY! HAHAHA! it was sooooo itchy and i wasn't able to sleep that night coz i was busy scratching myself.. if you remember will smith's face in Hitch, well i kinda looked like that the following morning only mine was milder... haha! it was horrible! i was cursing non-stop when i saw my face in the mirror.. the first thing i had in mind was  "now how the the hell am i gonna go to that party?"..  (i was supposed to meet up with this guy and his friends in downtown..) i wasn't gonna go there looking like a freak! it ain't holloween yet! first impressions last... haha! good thing that didn't push through and the allergies were almost gone by saturday afternoon (except for the ones left on my feet) ..  i still had to go out though coz it was our family friend's bday and they had a get together at their house.. well at least my skin was almost back to normal by that time only i was so sleepy at the party coz i drank benadryl which makes you feel drowsy.. =/


hey it's october.. imma be home soooooooon!!! =) let the inuman sessions begin!

r0ane [userpic]

(no subject)

September 17th, 2006 (09:42 pm)

my tita and tito took us to vegas last weekend!! it was my dad's last weekend here in the US and he wanted to go to vegas.. kainis lang nagkasakit ako. my sinuses were congested and i could barely breathe!
hay, i can't believe it's been 11 months since i first went here.. (senti mode) one month to go and i'm coming home!!!! yaaaayy... i'll get to see my friendly friends again and drink with them (hint for an inuman session)!! i miss all of you guys!

r0ane [userpic]

(no subject)

August 29th, 2006 (01:14 am)

current mood: tired
current song: angels losing sleep

i'm back in canada.. i'll be here till saturday before taking my flight back to san diego.. i'll be staying there till october then uwi na!!! finally... hehe.. parang sobrang bilis ng panahon.. halos 1 year na pala akong wala sa manila... lots of things have happened and lots of things have changed with me (even my mom noticed it)...  mahiwalay ba naman daw sa family and friends pati mawalan ng maid, sinong hindi magbabago? haha... at least i got to see my fam when they came to chicago for 2 weeks.. i've missed them all so much!!  nakakasenti kasi ngayon  everyone has their own lives na and my 2 brothers (including me temporarily) live outside the country.. iba na talaga pag tumatanda..
tons of things im gonna miss in chicago.. the village of steger.. the sears tower ("serious" tower according to joane).. polish neighbors.. having no kids running around the house.. lighthouse outlet in indiana.. downtown chicago.. magnificent mile.. orland park.. DEEP DISH PIZZA.. buffalo wild wings.. that guy whom i might never see again.. talking to "my favorite cuzin".. being dada's navigator.. beading.. selling at the european market.. dollar tuesdays.. getting lost in the big city.. hot bods at lakeshore esp macho guys running around topless *woot* *woot* haha.. I <3 CHICAGO... if i were to live in the US, i'd consider settling there.. such a great place..
certain things i have to settle while i'm here in canada.. it'll be awkward seeing him again but i guess kelangan talaga para at least may closure..*sigh*

r0ane [userpic]

an update on me, myself, and I =)

July 25th, 2006 (01:05 am)

current location: computer room
current mood: bored
current song: #41

I got a new toy! i got an ipod  nano =) sure im almost broke again but it's all worth it! =P hopefully my mom can give me money when she gets here! harhar! they're all coming here in chicago (except for my ate =( ) to attend my auntie's wedding this august. i'm really excited cuz except for my manoy, i haven't seen any of them since i left manila.. lots of yays for me lately.. i also got to go on a movie marathon yesterday =P actually, we only paid for one movie but we hopped to different movie theaters! haha.. daya.. cuz here they only get your ticket at the entrance of the movie house... and once you're in ur supposed to go inside the theater that's indicated on your ticket (honesty policy sila). they do have security but they don't care, as long as you're not making trouble.. that's why it's really easy to go to different theaters... i  kinda felt guilty cuz the topic in church yesterday was all about working on your integrity.. =/ but anyway, we entered the movie house at 430pm and got out at 1130pm! hehehehe..  we watched superman (yah kinda late cuz i had to choose between pirates and superman 2 weeks ago), devil wears prada, the ending of my super ex-gf, and the beginning of lady in water... haha.. devil wears prada is a must!! i love anne hathaway's clothes! =)


i think im officially single.. but what the heck.. life goes on!
(joyce ur if ur reading this, ur not supposed to tell this to anyone in the family.. or ill kill you haha)

r0ane [userpic]

(no subject)

May 27th, 2006 (10:24 pm)

current location: NYC baby!!!
current mood: high

roane, pol, and gaboy at Times Square

i'm here in NYC right now.. =) we've been walking around the city and taking trains for the past few days.. kakapagod pero sobrang astig ng NY! i wanna live here someday..   too bad zeay had to leave early and gaboy's gone for the weekend. pero ok lang the 2 pauls and oj are here to entertain me =) finally, i got to hang out with IST people! ang dami kong nalaman na tsismis from them.. parang ang tagal ko na nga talagang nawala...

r0ane [userpic]

mini IST reunion?

May 18th, 2006 (02:52 am)

current song: wonderwall - oasis

I want to be a part of it.. NEW YORK NEW YORK!!! excited nako mag NEW YORK!!! yaaaay! sana matuloy talaga to kasi buong buhay ko pinangarap mag NYC!!! =) and not only that, i'll be hanging out with IST people!!!!! STEEEG!!!! i wasn't supposed go coz i'm sort of running out of cash and the train fare alone is too expensive, then of course food pa etc.. but thanks to my friendly friends, sila na daw ang bahala sakin when i get there.. i'll just have to find a way to pay for my ticket... heehee.. how sweet!!! so sa mga willing mag-donate dyan.. help me make my dreams come true... hahaha.. jk! ang saya saya! no parental supervision in a different country! hehe! too bad zeay's leaving the day after i get there! =(


totoo pala ung kasabihang, when it rains it pours...  hmmm... nyahahaha... wag muna sanang dumating ang tagtuyot! =P
GO SPURS! GO SUNS!!!!!! =)

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