r0ane (r0ane) wrote,

Club Deviate Manila @ Jaipur

January 13th 2007: Club Deviate Manila @ Jaipur
This is now becoming a yearly event when the Deviate people come down here from Cali to party! It's been a long time since i've partied with the Daygo boys! I think it was back in October when i last saw them (Club Deviate @ Aubergine's, SD). Anyway, i brought zeay, ems, mela, alec & gino to the event.. VIP & free drinks!!! what could be better than that? Lisa and I were already drinking grey goose & alize from the bottle, ems & gino drank whatever was on the table, and she even stole a fucking glass of vodka from jaipur hahahaha jologs!!!!  Damn, I still crack up whenever i think about what happened that night... We partied the whole night  till 6am and then ate steak at Filling station afterwards! I was gonna go home earlier with ems but these guys won't let me go home... so there...  Collier took me home at around 8am by CAB.. haha.. I was so worried he wouldn't make it back to the shang.. but it's ok, he's a big dude! no one would dare mess with him (oh except for the 8 yr old little girl who stole his wallet at the pyrolympics haha). 
Too bad my playmate missed this event.. She would've loved to see her playmate & her boys'  drinking.. and She probably would've been drunk too.

DV8, and Steak Productions: The last ones standing.. wait, is his hand on her left boob?? hahaha!

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