holy week

so far so good.. O Canada!!!
the past holy week is one of the best i've ever had.. my aunt from virginia came to visit us here in canada and we went to really beautiful tourist spots here in canada.. =) i got to see the canadian parliament in ottawa, the beautiful city of montreal in quebec, and niagara falls!! everything was just breathtaking...

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last weekend was so much fun! =D me and my cousins went snow tubing in Barrie... it was my first time to go tubing and to see lots of snow!! heehee... i really like it here in Canada.. the mall is just a mile away and you can go to different places like Toronto without having to drive (unlike in San diego wherein ur basically stuck if you dont have a car)! There are lots of nice places here but i haven't gone out that much coz it's still too cold.. It's already spring time yet it's still snowing and the temp is sometimes still in the negatives!!! brrrrr... i wish i could go home for a few days and go to Bora with my buddies this summer! right ems??! =P i miss my beach buddies!

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i'm here in canada now.. s0oo0oo cold! negative ang temp dito pero di naman nagssnow! my brother took me out on my first night! :D (finally brotha, after 2 years of not drinking together!)
on my last night in SD, me and my friend did our final stunt together (till august that is).. i knew i had a 7am flight to catch the next morning and a 5am check-in time but we still opted to go out! we went to downtown, ate at super sergio's and went home at 330am! i had a helluva time and i thought i wouldn't make it to the airport due to certain circumstances.. haha! bad girls!
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two old friends.. meet again.... bastos parin!

my old old childhood friend clint came down here in san diego for new year's.. roane and clint reunited!! ..after almost 8 looong years of not seeing each other!!! nakakasenti... he and his cousins came to our house on new year's day to pick me up and go shopping in an outlet near the border.. i was surprised to know that clint is a fashionista guy... he's definitely not gay, he just loves clothes... a very good shopping companion.. he even picked out some clothes for me..hehe fun!!  the whole afternoon we just talked and talked and reminisced... i remember we were once caught watching porno with his brother... haha! bata palang mga bastos na! we all got in so much trouble for it! i had to bribe my cousin just so she won't tell my parents.. funny moments.. i miss those days..
my tita's going back to work tomorrow (after 4 months of recovering from her injury).. no one's gonna take me out during weekdays anymore =( now im gonna be a real bum spending my day reading books/ getting fat??(or not)/ maybe i'll teach myself some computer stuff like PHP/ASP.net or whatever.. i want to get a job but its really hard to find someone to sponsor me... maybe i'll just get married then?! hmm... pwede! hahaha!
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after a few months of wondering what Tijuana was like, we finally crossed the border yesterday!!! Since Mexico is just a few exits away from chula vista, my other tita convinced my other tita (whom i'm staying with) to go there. The place was actually nicer than i thought.. We ate authentic mexican food and we went shopping again! I bought tequila for my brother... =P wala nakong pera shet.... anyway, most of the mexicans there thought we were chinese... They kept on saying "Ni Hao?" and one of them was even teasing me and calling me "ey lucy liu lucy liu!" ano ba yan!! pano ko magiging mukhang chinese e ang itim itim ko!?!


i'm learning to love it here in SD.. plus i've been making new friends. one of them actually got married last weekend so i got to meet more friends and "friends" =D hehe. right now i'm waiting for one of them to go on a christmas break.. ooh she promised that we're gonna shop together, go clubbing, and of course... *ahem* get drunk.. yeah! im excited already! ...it's really gonna be hard to leave this place.
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update on whatever....

meet Kenji my new boyfriend... haha.. ryt... he was our japanese chef at shogun resto. he's so cute.. mehn only if he spoke english!
we went to LA last weekend and visited fashion district, rodeo drive, and hollywood. we got to pass by the famous grauman's chinese theater and kodak theater.. they're okay nothing really spectacular.. trust me they're much nicer on TV except for rodeo drive..
during the past few weeks i've somewhat learned how to put on make up.. why? because i keep on getting carded whenever i order alcoholic drinks! and  what's worse is that they won't even accept my student's driving permit! they keep on asking for my passport... duuhhh.. as if anyone brings his/her passport around! no one seems to believe im 21! one even thought i was 13 yrs old  till i stood up from the chair... haha exagge!  looking young is both the curse and the gift of asians..
it's thanksgiving here on thursday.. kalutz might be able to stop by here in san diego and visit me! yaay! im so excited!  and  im also waiting for clint, my childhood friend, to visit me.. apparently he's too busy with his work and some other stuff.. well he better come down here and let the inuman begin!!
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happy hallloweeen!

i went trick or treating with my cousins kanina.. naka 3 bags of candy
kami.. it was fun... magandang exercise. kaya lang walang gwapo sa
neighborhood so hindi na exercise ung mga mata ko! hahaha.. daming mga
cute na mga bata.. and there was this little girl who was wearin an angel
costume who got scared sa mga masks namin.. awww... tapos may
cinderella na panay ang hulog at tanggal ng sapatos! hehe..

happy haaalloween everyone!!!

                        booooooooo! (more pix here)

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there was this stoopid truck driving on the freeway yesterday. we nearly got into a car accident coz of him.. the stoopid driver moved to our lane without even looking if may katabi sha. nagitgit tuloy kami ng husto and we were forced to get off the road. ang bilis bilis pa naman ng takbo namin and we went up into the island sa isang exit ng freeway (parang ung mga nasa pababa/paakyat bicutan exit sa expressway only mas steep ung sa freeway dito). naka-slanting position kami kasi pataas ung island and nakayod namin lahat ng ice water plants na nakatanim dun.. buti nalang hindi tumaob ung van. tanga tanga kasi e. bastos pa hindi man lang nagstop to apologize or sumthing. derederecho lang sha.. tsk tsk tsk.. mga amerikano talaga.
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i arrived in san diego at 230am last friday.. i was supposed to arrive earlier pero nadelay ung flight for 2 hours! tagal ko nagantay sa airport.. loner... then at 530am we drove for 6 hours going to vegas.. lakwacha agad! we passed by the mojave desert and visited hoover dam first since it was on the way... i got to visit 3 states in 1 day since hoover dam is in between nevada and arizona :P sobrang ganda ng lights ng vegas pag gabi lalo na ung water show sa may Bellagio (if you remember sa ocean's 11 pinakita un) ! and ang lalaki ng mga hotels kasi may casino sa baba pati mga theaters for their shows. tapos ung Wynn i think may sariling golf course sa loob ng hotel. i didnt get to play sa mga casino but i was able to catch 2 shows... one of them was ung kay lani misalucha (akalain mo dumayo sa states para dun hehe).. magaling naman and sulit ung bayad. laftrip inimpersonate nya si whitney, celine, brittney and beyonce at kuhang kuha nya! the other show i watched was the blue man group... mejo mahal ung entrance pero sobrang astig nung show.. ibang klaseng experience kasi kahit puro drums lang, very interactive sha and astig ung mga lights and optical illusions. astig din ung pag gamit nila ng pipes para makagawa ng ibat ibang techy sounds.

look! i found myself a blue man...
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wala lang... =D

Roane's Horoscope today:
Your attention has most definitely shifted from mediation to more personal matters -- personal matters and travel. Yes, given your druthers right now, as a reward for how good you've been lately, you'd like nothing better than to drop everything and take off for destinations unknown with a certain someone you just know would make the Eiffel Tower look even better -- if they were standing in front of it with a great big smile on their face.

aba.. tama ata horoscope ko ngayon a..
last night ko ngayon... mga ilang buwan din akong di uuwi.. mamimiss ko gitara ko... (kaya sinusulit ko na habang nandito) mamimiss ko rin bed ko... kanina humabol si canadian visa na akala ko e hindi ko na makukuha kasi late nako nagapply. pero bait talaga ni Lord! sobrang miracle lahat ng nangyari dahil di naman ako umabot sa minumum number of days ng processing! =D i-wiwithdraw ko na sana ung application pero bigla nalang silang tumawag at sinabing approved na daw lahat.. heehee! at dahil jan baka mas matagalan pa bago ako umuwi.. baka imove ung sched kong paguwi ng  march hanggang ewan kung kelan.. bum to the max! excited nako! pero natatakot din kasi mag-isa akong aalis! sana lang may gwapo akong katabi sa plane na mabait at hindi manyak! hehe..

kay dan-dan, ysang, becky, at norbelle kung binabasa nyo man to.. sorry di nako nagpakita bago ako umalis a! kasi conflicting sched natin palagi e! bawi nalang ako pagbalik ko! hehehe! ingat kayo! =)
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